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Useful Links 

Here is a list of some useful websites:

The Electrochemical Society (ECS) – http://www.electrochem.org

ECS Journals On-line access - http://ojps.aip.org

Royal Society of Chemistry Publications - http://www.rcs.org/Publishing/

International Society of Electrochemistry – http://www.ise-online.org

US Patent and Trademark Office – http://www.uspto.gov

Valence Technology Inc. Homepage – http://www.valence.com

Solarbuzz – http://www.solarbuzz.com

National Renewable Energy Laboratory – http://www.nrel.gov

Transera – http://www.transera.com

ChemWeb – http://chemweb.com


Contact Information 

Jerry Barker Consultants Limited may be contacted at:

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T: +44-(0)1993-831491

Email: jerrybarker@gmail.com

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