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Our Philosophy

A major part of our business philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients to deliver effective developmental outcomes. We have worked with companies that vary in size from large multi-nationals to small start-ups. In all cases our basic approach remains the same - to provide a confidential, professional and cost effective solution in a timely manner. 

Our expertise ranges from energy storage devices, through semiconductor electrochemistry and thin-film photovoltaics research. We have built a worldwide reputation in the development of advanced electroactive materials for lithium-ion and energy conversion applications. In addition we offer a state-of-the-art electrochemical test facility.

We hope you find the information on this website useful. Please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

We consider our organization to be one of the premier consultants for electrochemical science and technology. Use these hyperlinks for more specific details:

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Phosphate Active Materials

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Intellectual Property

Electrodeposition Solutions


Please feel free to contact us for further information on any aspect of our work.


Effective Consulting Resources for the Electrochemical Industry

Jerry Barker Consulting is your number one consulting resource for Electrochemical Science and Technology: Batteries, Advanced Electrode Materials, Electrodeposition, Advanced Synthesis Methods, Photovoltaics, Intellectual Property and much more. Please use the links below and to the left to navigate to other areas of interest and to find further information.

Currently we offer confidential assistance in the following areas:

Advanced Battery Research. We have wide ranging expertise in both lithium metal and lithium-ion battery technologies covering advanced active materials, polymer binders, electrolyte systems (including polymer systems), cell designs, test procedures, safety protocols etc. 

State-of-the-Art Battery Testing Facility. We possess a state-of-the-art electrochemical testing facility and have extensive experience in determining battery characteristics for both primary and secondary (rechargeable) applications. Examples of the properties we can test include: Discharge capacity verification, Impedance characteristics (derived from ac and dc methods), Voltage profiles (thermodynamic and at different discharge rates), Differential capacity data, Kinetic information (including diffusion coefficient measurements), Charge-discharge behavior, Temperature dependent characteristics, Rate capability and many more. Just ask for further information.

Phosphate Phases for Battery Applications. We are acknowledged world leaders in the discovery and development of phosphate based materials for lithium-ion applications.

Advanced Electroactive Materials. This is often the key to performance enhancement in electrochemical applications and systems. Our organization can help in developing advance materials for battery, semiconductor and other novel applications.

Photovoltaics. We have experience in developing and characterizing thin film PV devices such as those based on II-VI compound semiconductors (e.g. CdTe, CdS, CIS, CIGS and CdSe).

Electrodeposition. Jerry Barker Consultants can develop custom solutions designed specifically for cost-effective deposition of metals, alloys, compound semiconductors as well as advanced battery materials. Both electrodeposition and electroless deposition technologies are available. Let our consultancy use its considerable expertise in this area to assist your organization in exploiting these important deposition methods.

Intellectual Property. Protection of your IP in today's business environment is imperative. We can provide confidential assistance in preparing technical descriptions and specifications for both US and European patent applications. We can work directly with patent attorneys to provide the most cost and time effective method to protect your technology.

Advanced Synthesis Methods.  We have many years experience in developing synthetic methods for preparation of inorganic materials - up to and including full scale manufacturing. Examples include ceramic, precipitation, hydrothermal and flux methods.

Instrument Control Solutions.  Custom software solutions may be provided using either serial or parallel interfaces. We offer a choice of either Transera's HT Basic or MS Visual Basic programming languages.  Software packages for your particular application may already be available - we have a library of over 200 instrument control programs.

Semiconductor Electrochemistry.  This is fast becoming an important technological area. We specialize in the study and characterization of compound (e.g. CdTe, GaAs etc.) and elemental (e.g. Si, Ge) semiconductors.


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